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I’m not a fool I know she is there and on time because she is an escort, but at least she has the common courtesy to at least be punctual and that’s about all that I ask.Now I’ve got to see how this night goes and maybe by the end of it I’ll have something that only I can share with myself!Alison quickly deduces the coupon belongs to Alana and waves it in her face confrontationally. Alana grapples with the wrongness of the situation and decides that dancing for Alison is the lesser of two evils. Alana is even more disturbed when her teen stepdaughter divulges how much she's always wanted to do this.

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I had a feeling after a good half an hour had past that she wasn’t just running late, she wasn’t coming at all.

Now usually I would get my shit together and go home at this point, but for once I wasn’t having any of that.

Finally, she gets to touch the MILF the way she always wanted. Alison takes off the MILF's panties, despite her objections that she's going too far. Alison takes it a step further, fingering Alana during the lap dance. Alison gets undressed too, and despite Alana's best efforts, she cannot deter the teen from licking her clit.

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I really thought this weekend was going to be different, or at least better than all my other weekends.

I guess I was being naïve thinking that girl I met in the local shops would actually turn up for our date.

When I have time off I like to drink cup a tea and watch the fire.

I love to go to museums and see paintings and sculptures of famous masters of the past.

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