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“Johnny Depp, Ewan Mc Gregor, Gwyneth Paltrow - I promise you, they are the nicest, kindest souls that I have had the pleasure of encountering.Truly, they are just lovely, lovely human beings.” In a recent interview with Glass Magazine, he said: "The Ray Donovan thing is something I’ve enjoyed maybe more than anything I’ve done – doing a cable show as they call them that’s slightly more cinematic – it has a film quality to it but also the fast pace of TV drama …

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We are a wealthy family, relatively entitled and incredibly dysfunctional.

We are all dysfunctional in our different ways."What is Casey like as a character? He has problems and has probably been in and out of rehab for most of his life.

“He grew up lusting after her as Joey Potter on , and now he’s actually getting to work with her,” the source said.

“You’d think he’d be nervous but he’s not.” Even the fact that she’s six years older and has an 8-year-old daughter with Tom Cruise isn’t a deterrent.

and everyone involved working on it – they are brilliant.

"As I’ve got older and turned 30-31, even my face started changing a bit, maybe a bit rougher round the edges, like life has taken over and given you a little bit of a beating.

“He’s young and single, she’s young and single, and when they met he was determined to make an impression to ensure there was a spark there,” an insider revealed.

“He’s a cheeky guy and when he found out he was being cast alongside Katie Holmes he said he was going to make it his mission to get a date with her.” WATCH: Christina Aguilera Nails Her Britney Spears Impression Although he’s only just breaking into Hollywood himself — Burnet recently starred in the movie Sadly for Burnet, 31, they won’t be getting romantically involved on screen though since they’ll be playing brother and sister.

Now 32, he's currently starring in Showtime series Ray Donovan alongside Katie Holmes, as well as working on a small German film called The Have Nots.

He told Digital Spy: “This is the crazy thing - I have had the fortune to work with people who are on top of their game within the medium of television and film.

The 25-year-old, who is most noted for his role as Craig Dean in the Channel 4 teen soap, filmed his scenes as DJ Lenny earlier this week on a boat in Southampton.

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