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The already fragile continuity of The Waltons is dealt a further blow when the timeline of the show unashamedly jumps forward one year to accelerate the program into the war years. Howard Terrill (Editor 6), Bernard Balmuth (Editor 9,13,18-20), Fred W. Sadly, the reunion between Grandma and Grandpa was to be short-lived...

(Director of Photography 1-20,22), Serge Haigneré (Director of Photography 21), Ed Graves (Art Director 1-10,12), Carl Braunger (Art Director 11,13-22), Marvin Adelson (Editor 1-3,12), Marjorie Fowler A. Playing the older orphan staying with the family, Sally Boyden's "London" accent is the worst heard on screen since Dick Van Dyke's legendary attempts in Mary Poppins.

The Children's Carol falls into the latter category and is one of the weakest episodes in the entire Waltons canon.

Wadby/Waudby I am looking for a Robert Wadby or Waudby born in 1801 and married Sarah Tate in 1826. His son Thomas, born in 1829, married Susannah Schofield in 1854.

He may be from Cambridge and then he moved to Bradford. Submitted by: Jean Cartwright Address: 8 Hew Clews, Great Horton, Bradford BD7 4RF email: [email protected] I am looking for information on my great-grandfather William Waddington born at Kirkstall – he became a forgeman there.

”Felicity Jones, star of a little movie called Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (ever heard of it?

) got the expected Star Wars-ian monologue, complete with Kenan Thompson showing up as a wheezing Forest Whitaker and a holographic mentor.

Everything heads south and you become less and less attractive, but one of the perks is that you can usually learn to come home to yourself.

You're a little more comfortable in your skin, as saggy as it is.

Kyle Mooney, whose wheelhouse is playing people whose sense of self-importance far exceeds their abilities, was great as the self-serious director of Hot Robot 3: Journey To Boob Mountain, whose solemn pronouncement that “Now more than ever, artists must speak truth to power” belies the fact he’s made “American Pie, but with robots.” Bennett (everywhere tonight) and Felicity Jones matched him as the film’s earnest stars, choking up while talking about their commitment to making a teen sex comedy where Bennett’s Skidmark having robo-sex with Jones’ sex-bot carries deep significance about the precarious state of our democracy.

Bennett and Mooney often play people whose pretensions can’t match up with their talents, and everyone here (including Strong as the equally serious interviewer) made their characters’ desire to express just how important Skidmark and the sex-’bot’s love is in these troubled times all the funnier.

The It-girl captioned the image: are coming in, and so far it's not going swimmingly for Captain Jack's return.

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