Updating registry for email program

The sample allows deferred or offline processing if needed.

Important This script is intended to demonstrate the use of the Windows Update Agent APIs, and provide an example of how developers can use these APIs to solve problems.

Windows Registry is a database that holds information about your operating system's configuration.

Generally speaking, users should avoid modifying values in the Registry, because unintended changes can sometimes occur.

This provides a smooth upgrade path from previous versions of the operating system, in which only the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE subtree is supported for client registrations.

Note This registration is deprecated as of Windows 7, which no longer provides a Start menu Internet link.

Understanding how to navigate through the Registry is an important part of performing these corrections safely. Click \"Start\" and select \"Run.\" This is normally the second option from the bottom of the menu, just above \"Shut Down.\" Type \"Regedit\" (without the quotation marks) in the dialog box that pops up and click \"OK.\" Create a back-up copy of the Registry.

Changes made to the Registry can seriously impact the operation of your computer. Applications which register as Start Menu Internet Applications do so across the entire system (per-machine).In Windows Vista, the user may use the Default Programs feature to set a per-user default.These changes may be difficult to undo and may require you to completely re-install your operating systems.In some cases, however, correcting system problems through the Registry database is the only option.Alternatively, to register the service, the user can visit Microsoft Update.

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