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The Great Canadian Love Story was always Mc Gosling, Rachel Mc Adams and Ryan Gosling.

US Weekly reportedly exclusively yesterday that Rachel and Taylor Kitsch, who met many years ago and who worked together on , are now a thing.

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In a June interview with, Kitsch talked about his troubles with dating."You sacrifice so f**kin' much [as an actor]," he told the magazine.

I expect you to have the same feelings you have now in eight weeks.’ And that's not me playing the violin.

Anything longer will be posted individually to the collection - see the notes at the beginning of the piece to locate fics by title, fandom, prompts and specific kinks.

S6 AU (And sort of S5 AU after 5.10 - Ellen dies but Jo lives and Brady doesn't die in 5.20).

I was 55-years-old, and yet my Christian upbringing still had a stranglehold on my sexuality.

Recent conversations with Millennials and 30-somethings have made me feel even better about my age and lucky to have spent my Millennial dating years pre-internet, well before the current awfulness of online 'hooking-up'.

I watched my friend swallowing his penis and I could feel my juices dripping down my leg as I rubbed hard on my vagina waiting for Roger to come over and take me, it was the best experience I have every had.

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Set two years after the apocalypse that never happened.

When Sam is due to get married and appoints Dean as his best man, chaos ensues.

Hidden cam porn provides voyeuristic thrills as the stars of the scenes typically have no idea they’re being filmed.

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