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Last year, the rumors crept up again after Show and Grace posted Instagram photos featuring similar clothing, necklaces, and poses.Taiwanese actor Show Luo and Chinese blogger Grace Chow (Zhou Yangqing) have been rumored to be dating each other since last year though there were no confirmations (yet) from both sides.

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After receiving a message on her phone, she headed to a hotel – the same hotel that Show went to after finishing his work for the day. Four Years of Flirting Born in Beijing in 1988, Grace is nine years younger than Show, who will turn 36 this year.

The two were originally in separate rooms, but Show reportedly rested in his room for only a little while before entering hers and spending the night there. The next day, Show posted a message on Weibo, saying, “Yes… This is not the first time they have been mired in romantic reports.

Cheeky Show Luo managed to grab actress Terri Kwan's butt during a performance at Taiwan Fisherman Wharf for Valentine's Day in 2009.

Dating rumours about Show Luo and Chinese actress Chrissie Chau surfaced in early 2013 when the pair were spotted going in to a hotel together during his Hong Kong concert tour.

Some of these might make you have to tell your friends you’ve been cutting up onions… He said, "If their breakup was really because of me like you [media] said, then I must say I'm sorry.

So long as the one I love is happy, nothing else matters." Go to in the video to see Show's Miss A interview (with English subs).The rumors heat up another notch earlier this year when it was reported that the two of them spent a holiday together in Japan with Show’s mother in tow.The two were even noted to be wearing couple’s jewelries and clothing during their stay in Japan.” Their interaction was interpreted by media as “breaking the ice”...Taiwanese pop star Show Luo (羅志祥) was recently spotted spending two nights with mainland Chinese Internet celebrity, Grace Chow (周揚青), at a hotel in Shanghai.On June 16, Grace was seen arriving in Shanghai, where Show is currently filming the variety show, .

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