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They include Sam (Tom Berenger), a famous television actor now living in Los Angeles; Meg (Mary Kay Place), a chain smoking former public defender who is now a real estate attorney in Atlanta and wants a child; Michael (Jeff Goldblum), a sex-obsessed People magazine journalist; Nick (William Hurt), a Vietnam War veteran and former radio host who suffers from impotence; Karen (Jo Beth Williams), a housewife from suburban Detroit who's unhappy in her marriage to her advertising executive husband, Richard (Don Galloway).

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Report an Incident To report an incident regarding sexual harassment or sexual violence, there are many places you can start, including the following: Title IX Coordinators for Students: Kevin Finn, Dean of Students248.204.4100, [email protected] Spotts, Assistant Dean of Students, Student Affairs248.204.4109, [email protected] Osantowski, Director of Residence Life, Housing248.204.3943, [email protected] Bogdalek, Executive Director, Campus Safety248.204.3925, [email protected] IX Coordinators for Employees: Deshawn Johnson, Executive Director, Human Resources248.204.2117, [email protected] Bogdalek, Executive Director, Campus Safety248.204.3925, [email protected] Safety (248.204.3945) is available 24 hours/7 days a week, 365 days a year, and can reach a Title IX coordinator 24/7. The Title IX Coordinators are responsible for coordinating the University’s compliance with and responsibilities under Title IX.

Any one of these individuals can help get you to the appropriate person to handle your specific concern.

Harold Cooper (Kevin Kline) is bathing his young son when his wife, Sarah (Glenn Close), receives a phone call at their Richmond home telling her that their friend, Alex, has committed suicide by slashing his wrists in the bathtub of their vacation house in South Carolina, where he had been staying.

At the funeral, Harold and Sarah are reunited with college friends from the University of Michigan.

It is playing with fire since, in Michigan, any sexual contact, under 16, is a crime. Going with her is not a crime though if there is nothing sexual at all going on. Given that our hormonal drive to procreate is one of life's strongest forces, it is terribly risky for him to be dating this girl.

But there are danges of accusation should the relationshi sour or parent of 13 yr old dislke friend. Child Molestation in the Second Degree; he is also at risk for being charged with Communicating with a Minor for Immoral Purposes.

These types of conduct are prohibited by the Student Code of Conduct, and Lawrence Technological University’s Harassment and Discrimination Policy and by law.

For more information regarding Lawrence Tech's Sexual Misconduct policy, please click here.

Soon after the outbreak of war he volunteered for the British Army and was stationed in Egypt.

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