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But he had no way of knowing if, because of his speeding car, he was missing other women who might find him (or his vehicle) attractive.So he did what any man would do: founded a tech company.

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Yet the company quietly released an intriguing and strangely compelling innovation recently, a web chatbot. The dating site gave the chatbot some personality, and the process feels far more instinctive than tabbing through form fields.

(To test it, you have to visit the main page and wait around a bit.) This essentially replaces a sign-up form. Before you know it, you’ve volunteered all the info needs to set you up with a profile.

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That i know people have a type, and if you’re male looking for single expats in free latest spain than their female partner think it would.Platewave is “the social network for UK drivers.” It promises to let you “contact anyone through their registration number”: simply enter someone’s license plate into the site and leave them a message.If they also belong to Platewave, the message will appear in their inbox.But what evidence do we have that this is a trend, rather than some isolated brilliance on the part of, other big names are deploying web chatbots, too, such as Thomson Holidays, the UK tour operator.As far as dating goes, it’s actually an interesting idea—instead of rolling down your window and yelling, you can discretely attempt to contact that hot girl or guy you exchanged glances with at the traffic light, and they can choose to respond or not. License plate numbers function as de facto identities for those in car-heavy areas.

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