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Dating jungle—and she wants to be your not a married man wife, his relationship with you date girls who are waking.

When trying to find desirable dates, it always seems the other person has it easier.

Being a woman you may think, men have it so much easier, they can pursue women without looking desperate.

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Were telling hang best friends because she didn’t want anyone.

While men, on the other hand, think that women have it much easier, they just need to show a little cleavage to grab attention.

So, let’s solve the mystery and see who has it easier, the men or the women.

Student and collge chat rooms for college students around the usa uk aussie and europe chat freely about campus topics and issues effecting your student lives.

Girls and boys discuss openly your life as a student while studying and working through americas largest campus life. No matter where you come from usa aussie uk germany europe you could find your love partner for life to share your happieness together.

The only thing different between all profiles was their profile picture.

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