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MH Carbon claims to be “One of the UK’s fastest-growing participants in emissions spot trading within the voluntary carbon credit market.” It offers investors “the opportunity to participate in the new and exciting carbon credit markets,” while “safeguarding the environment for future generations”.

But is the company actually little more than a boiler room scam?

They regrouped briefly after the election debacle to fight an imaginary adversary, Russia, the phantom ghost-bear, who supposedly stepped on their termite mound and killed the queen, but, strangely, no actual evidence was ever found of the ghost-bear’s paw-print.

And ever since that fact was starkly revealed by former NSA chief James Clapper on NBC’s features a front page story detailing Georgetown University’s hateful traffic in the slave trade two centuries ago.

But then he tells us that the demand for carbon credits “should remain” and “shows no sign of abating” as long as governments continue to cap greenhouse emissions and invest in carbon markets.

Of course, he doesn’t mention the problems that the European Trading System is facing thanks to a huge glut of emissions permits in the scheme.

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Let’s take a breather from more consequential money matters at hand midweek to consider the tending moods of our time and place — while a blizzard howls outside the window, and nervous Federal Reserve officials pace the grim halls of the Eccles Building.

Richard Clark is a senior consultant at MH Carbon, and has a tendency to wax lyrical about carbon markets: “No longer is social and environmental responsibility the domain of the nature-loving free spirit; now everyone must take heed, for the very fabric of capitalist mentality has been entangled into the web and those that would ride the tide can expect to reap the benefits.” In an article he wrote in March 2012 on the Financial Times website, he acknowledges that the carbon market, like any other market, has inherent risks that should be explained to potential investors: Investing in this sort of market is simply not for everyone but it is important that the investor gets the choice.

Any suggestion that the market is risk free, or that there are absolute guarantees is pure nonsense and any broker waxing lyrical about such things should be disregarded.

Whereas the Chaotic Neutral character is concerned mainly with his own freedom but doesn't seek to hurt others, the same cannot be said for a Chaotic Evil character.

They will do whatever they want whenever they want to do it, which, seeing as they are evil, usually entails lots and lots of death and destruction.

It is clear by now that we have four corners of American politics these days: the utterly lost and delusional Democratic party; the feckless Republicans; the permanent Deep State of bureaucratic foot-soldiers and errand boys; and Trump, the Golem-King of the Coming Greatness. The Democrats reduced themselves to a gang of sadistic neo-Maoists seeking to eradicate anything that resembles free expression across the land in the name of social justice.

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