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Teens are more likely to engage in violent behavior if they are exposed to: The causes of teen violence often have roots in childhood and adolescence.


Without continual product improvement, most businesses eventually fail.

This is true for florists and fabricators, machine shops and mortgage bankers—and it’s especially true for software developers that serve the manufacturing industry.

The next time you admire someone’s fashionable wood- framed sunglasses, you may be looking at a pair of stylish peeper enhancers created by teacher Mark Smith’s Industrial Technology class at Morris Community High School in Morris, Illinois.

When Gary Walters, Professor of Applied Technology at Macomb Community College, rocks out on his beautiful electric guitar, he has the satisfaction of knowing it is one of many created by his talented students.

Due to the availability of other, more mature, low cost CAM packages, Lazy Cam development has ceased and it will remain in permanent Beta status.

Lazy Cam is not intended – and not supported – for use in a production environment.

So, it is no surprise that Dave King, owner of Choice Tool (Minneapolis, MN), was all ears when Brian Pascoe from Prototek Engineering (his local CAM reseller) called to inform him that these cost factors were about to change dramatically.

Pascoe told King that the latest version of his CAM software, Mastercam from CNC Software, Inc.

Finishing costs include the time it takes to write complex CAM programs with the minute stepovers that the moldmaker hopes will result in mirror finishes, along with the numerous hours it takes to hand polish areas that come off the machine without complying to the user’s surface finish specifications.

These hours are not only expensive, but also tend to be anxiety-ridden because there is a customer somewhere waiting for the delivery of his mold and he will only be getting it after hours of tedious manual polishing has been completed.

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