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Designing an Authentication System is an accessible introduction to the principals of Kerberos' authentication scheme.This guide aims to supplement the documentation available in the official Ubuntu documentation by re-iterating certain key concepts in more detail and providing information on network service configuration.I'm not exactly sure, but it looks like the key may have some errors in it? Might be easier to understand the debug output if you just use "-v" rather than "-vvv" which is excessively verbose.

The property contains the system credentials of the current security context.

For client applications, these represent the user name, password, and domain of the user who is currently logged in. NET applications, the default credentials are the user credentials of the logged-in user or the user being impersonated. NET Framework Available since 1.1Portable Class Library Supported in: portable .

The issue is that the credentials cache file never gets created in /tmp after login. # # PAM configuration # # Unless explicitly defined, all services use the modules # defined in the "other" section.

it accepts the password but I'm getting the message below when I do a klist klist: No credentials cache file found while setting cache flags (ticket cache /tmp/krb5cc_1256_7Ia4n0) Does anyone know what the problem is and how to resolve this ? Here's the contents of /etc/# more /etc/# # ident "@(#)1.19 03/01/10 SMI" # # Copyright 1996-2002 Sun Microsystems, Inc. # # Modules are defined with relative pathnames, i.e., they are # relative to /usr/lib/security/$ISA.

Caching, Caching, Caching All of a sudden, when I either start a debug session or return from one, the project window bottom displays that its "Caching Directory..." and it does this for each of the directories (Like Flat Header Conversion) about 4 times - its taking for ever to start/stop debugger.

I don't this is related to the Compiler/Parser option (I've got it on compiler and haven't changed it for a long time). After throwing away the IDE 5.5 Prefs file, things are working normally. No cache or not to cache There appears to be plenty of discussion in newsgroups on how to do caching but nothing on why I'm in some disagreement with one of my colleagues over the use of caching of webpages.

instance that then provides the proper set of credentials to the Internet resource when required.

When the Get Credential method is called, it compares the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) and authentication type provided with those stored in the cache and returns the first set of credentials that match.

Credentials added using this method are valid for SMTP only.

This method does not work for HTTP or FTP requests.

The same concepts apply to Heimdal, although the syntax of various commands is different.

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