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Pluspunten - People are friendly- Very transparent- You can speak and work with other employees very easily- In an entry level position, you can be able to take on a lot of responsibility- There are lots of social office events!

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These 12 awesome Toronto companies have several job openings each – all you have to do now is polish up your resume and cover letter and apply.

Nextopia is the #1 global provider of e Commerce site search and navigation solutions. Not only is Nextopia fully compatible with any e Commerce platform, but they have over 1,600 happy clients demonstrating their proven track record of helping e Commerce retailers.

I hate to be the one that reminds you, but the holiday season is quickly approaching. A few weeks back, I was shopping in my local mall, wandered into Sur La Table, and stumbled upon a huge display of artisan salts.

Retailers are already beginning to put out the holiday decor (seriously, go to your local Hallmark store and you’ll see what I mean). Being the inner foodie that I am, I tasted each salt and immediately realized that I needed...

An important date for your Magento e Commerce store is Cyber Monday; the first Monday after Thanksgiving.

Traditionally, the Friday after Thanksgiving is Black Friday; the busiest shopping day of the year for retail stores. I’m sure the holiday season is the last thing on your mind right now; especially because we are finally having some warmer weather.

Site's that have implemented Nextopia have returning customers who are able to find the products they are searching for even if words are misspelled or synonyms are used and are able to sort their search results by price, rating, brand, color or any classification.

To sum it up, Nextopia dramatically improves retailers' most important metrics, such as sales and sales velocity, average order value, number of products per order and time on site.

However, we at i Fuel Interactive feel it is our civic duty to alert you to important dates for your Magento e Commerce...

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