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Brian Burke, the irascible, love-him-or-hate-him hockey executive, thought long and hard before going to court to silence Internet trolls accusing him of extra-marital hanky-panky.

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As bad as public allegations may hurt, litigation draws even more attention to them and can exacerbate their damage, especially in the short term.“For Furlong, it’s worse because he is facing adversaries who want to go to court,” said Burke’s lawyer Gall.“None of (the individuals in Burke’s case) will stand up and say this is true, that their comments were privileged or fair comment or any other defence to defamation. although he has a home in Toronto and works for the Anaheim Ducks.

It will just be a question of the apology or damages. We will never have a trial in this case.”He said some of the pseudonymous individuals have contacted him: “A couple have already called and said, ‘I live in a basement. I have nothing’.”Zack Bradley, for instance, a 20-year-old Carleton University student, told The Toronto Star that he was one of the 18, but did not understand all the fuss:“What I said wasn’t probably true, and I just removed it because I don’t want anything bad to happen in future.”Gall said Burke was only interested in quashing the insinuations. That was likely a wise choice given that the law of defamation differs on both sides of the border and between the provinces. S., online users have more protections, and as a public figure Burke gets less sympathy.

However, the Flames rightfully operate on a premise that it’s a privilege to work for their front office and those who feel slighted in the least are free to pursue other NHL possibilities, of which they know few exist.

Make no mistake, the 47-year-old Treliving would instantly be courted by several other teams if he were sent packing. Proving just how well thought-of and accomplished he is, earlier this week he was the 2017 recipient of the Professional Hockey Players’ Association’s Curt Leichner Distinguished Member Award for his significant efforts towards the advancement of minor pro hockey.

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CALGARY - There really shouldn’t be much debate over whether Brad Treliving has his contract extended past this year.

However, because it recently came to light he’s the only GM in the league who doesn’t have a contract in place for next season, a natural assumption is he’s playing out one of those dead man walking deals. Fact is, his body of work over the last-two-and-a-half years demonstrates the sort of competence, hard work and resourcefulness deserving of another two or three-year contract overseeing the Flames rebuild.

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