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We hope that Lucy isn’t too hurt over the mystery man, and hopefully they’re still friends! Hollywood Lifers, tell us who you think Lucy had a crush on.Newlywed Margot arrived back in LA today, and looked super glam despite getting off a long flight from Australia.

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The actress was spotted wearing a pretty star print dress, white sneakers ad finished her look with a classic black, saddle bag.

The wild west inspired accessory has been a favourite of Margot’s as she has been spotted with it a lot over the last few months.

It seems that only “A” could possibly know who Lucy had her eye on, but we do know that her crush was so strong that she even wrote a song inspired by him!

“My song ‘Lie A Little Better’ is about that experience,” Lucy told I’m fumbling over the words I Don’t feel a bit like me these days I would be a liar if I said I was fine But I cant help being honest And I know now is not the time The truth is I’m fallin to pieces Anytime that you’re around Trouble is the truth keeps slippin out Cant seem to hide what I’m feelin Cant believe what I’m sayin out loud Truth is theres no turnin back now I guess I shoulda learned how to lie a little better Been trying to cover This heart out on my sleeve Been set on playing this down but I think your catchin on to me We love that Lucy is so honest and real in her music — her fans can definitely relate to being torn over a crush.

Drew said that Jason returned to Rosewood to find out who his real father is.

And it just so happens that his » - Clarissa Pretty Little Liars has a secret, and the show won't be able to keep it this winter.

Drew was determined to become an astronaut when he was small but less did he know about what he was to become.

Van Acker was highly interested in martial arts and played soccer when he was a kid, thus possessing his athletic body.

Underwear model and American Actor, Drew Van Acker is well known to viewers as the character Jason Dilaurentis in Pretty Little Liars.

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