Insufficient key column for updating or refreshing Free mobile fuck lines

I discovered this while converting a CGI/RDO app to ASP/ADO.

The following code will not work with ADO however it will work with RDO 2.0.

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Sig ID = " & m_lng Sig ID Else str SQL = str SQL & " WHERE tbl Sigs.

Issue ID = " & m_lng Issue ID End If m_obj Rs Scheddat.

Here is my Form_Load procedure: Private Sub Form_Load() Dim sql As String conn.

State " & _ "FROM Names, Addresses " & _ "WHERE Names.

Open str SQL, , ad Open Static, ad Lock Batch Optimistic, ad Cmd Text Set .

Hi All: I got "Insufficient key column information for updating or refreshing" when I update my TADOQuery. ADO can update both tables in a join and must be able to resolve both records to a unique key value.-- Brian Bushay (Team B) [email protected] information is appreciated.It appears Access doesn't think you have a primary key. Resync new records won't be visible but that doesn't explain the error. Active Connection = Nothing 'disconnect recordset End With -- Thanks, David Satz Principal Software Engineer Hyperion Solutions (using VB6 SP3/MTS/SQL Server 6.5 SP5a) (Please respond to the newsgroup.) According to the description of . I only update one field of table B, should I update all the table B primary key, even I do not need update those fields? Does the table you are joining to have a primary key? If the joined to table doesn't have a primary key or has more fields in the key than you link to ADO will not be able to identify the joined to record.

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