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For a year, several residents of the Anoka-Hennepin School District have been asking the school board to increase transgender equity in the district.

The pressure comes after the parent of a transgender child noted that her child had encountered feeling unsafe after interactions with staff.

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"It takes a brave person to seek help, and my goal is to help clients find healing and peace through fostering resilience and providing the opportunity and skills for change.

One of the great honors in my life is the opportunity to walk with clients through their journey of change.

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Since then there’s been no progress though I’ve heard of closed door meetings.

It’s not okay to grant access on a case-by-case basis. That’s discriminatory in nature and it’s really needlessly cruel to single out these kids like that.” Other parents in the district spoke.

We had support from the team, coach, and school staff, so I’m kind of here to say that I’m kind of tired of waiting for my child to be considered equal, included, and I don’t think this case-by-case is necessary. The teammates, the coach were all very supportive until the last three swim meets the school board got wind of it somehow, there was talk and then it was tabled and then going forward we were supposed to know for gym class and for other sports for continuing the swim season where can he use? “I’m requesting, again, a completed policy on gender inclusion as soon as possible.

Does he get to use this locker room without any repercussions? On March 7, 2016, I presented the board with my first request.

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