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AOpen * i865Gm-7L BIOS v.1.02 * i865Gm-7N BIOS v.1.02 * i865Gm-IL BIOS v.1.04 * s661FXm-7S BIOS v.1.06 ASRock * 775V88 BIOS v.1.50 * 775V88-M BIOS v.1.50 * K8S8X BIOS v.2.10 ASUS * P4GPL-X BIOS v.0402 * P4S800D-E-Deluxe BIOS v.1009-02 beta * P4V8X-X BIOS v.1009-08 beta * P4V800-X BIOS v.1009-06 beta * P4V800D-X BIOS v.0202 * P5GPL BIOS v.0507 * P5LD2-VM BIOS v.0301 Elitegroup (ECS) * 649-M2 (Rev.1.0B) BIOS v.1.0d * A9S BIOS v.1.0a * KN1 SLI Lite (Rev.1.0A) BIOS v.1.0e * NFORCE3-A939 BIOS v.1.0a Gigabyte * GA-8I865GM-775 BIOS v.

P07 * D865PCK Express BIOS v.1357/Iflash BIOS v.1357 * D915GAG Express BIOS v.470/Iflash BIOS v.470 * D915GAV Express BIOS v.470/Iflash BIOS v.470 * D915GEV Express BIOS v.470/Iflash BIOS v.470 * D915GHA Express BIOS v.470/Iflash BIOS v.470 * D915GRF Express BIOS v.470/Iflash BIOS v.470 * D915UX Express BIOS v.470/Iflash BIOS v.470 * D925XCV Express BIOS v.469/Iflash BIOS v.469 * D925XBC Express BIOS v.469/Iflash BIOS v.469 * D955XBK Express BIOS v.2010/Iflash BIOS v.2010 Jetway * 754GT-P-EC BIOS v.

ga k8ns ultra 939 updating bios-90

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The below BIOSes are patched / modded to fix the 32GB or 64GB bug that is present in older Award BIOS Based BIOSes.

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Gigabit Ethernet " " Marvell 88E8001-LKJ, , ,, AI NET, .

the only difference between the K8NSNXP-939 and K8NS Ultra-939 is the missing dps heatsink on the latter.

: The program file's part number does not match with your system ( ).

/CP Reset Configuration Data Pn P/PCI Configuration CMOS Setup.

2) @BIOS - , "UNKNOWN Flash type or BIOS write protection!!! 3) - DOS FLASH885, FLASH855, awdflash c BIOS GA-K8NF-9-RH - .

BIOS : 1) Q-Flash utility FLASH type/size UNKNOWN 512K, Update BIOS from Floppy GA-K8NF-9-RH - BIOS ID check error; - GA-K8NF-9 BIOS ROM Programming error.

The 32GB bug in Award BIOS prevents many users from using HDD larger than 32GB as the BIOS hangs at detection.

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