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Written by Laura Eason, a fearless writer best known for her work on TV’s "[Lampert] builds on her strengths, highlighting the sparkling wit of the dialogue while never downplaying the electric eroticism.

With director Lampert at the helm, Kitchen Theatre's Sex With Strangers lives up to the acclaim." -"Darian Dauchan and Lee Anne Hutchison smolder in the roles, in a dance of seduction and betrayals.

It’s not just looks that matter when it comes to buying a new kettle.

Dauchan struts with a beguiling self-assurance, and disarming directness. Hutchinson is a marvel: wry, quick on her feet, probing, a tiny bit caustic, and then playful, languorous and generous with her delight." - one of the top ten most-produced plays in the 2015-16 American regional theatre season. Eason is the author of 20 plays, original works, and adaptations, as well as being a musical book writer and screenwriter. As a screenwriter, Laura wrote on seasons two and three of the Emmy-winning Netflix show “House Of Cards.” She is a member of Rising Phoenix Rep, an Affiliated Artist of New Georges and an alumna of the Women’s Project Playwright’s Lab.

She is an active ensemble member and former Artistic Director of Lookingglass Theatre Company in Chicago, recipient of the 2011 Regional Theatre Tony Award.

When Washington was getting ready to leave Philadelphia to return to Mt. Washington sent out search parties and offered rewards. In 1784, Thomas Jefferson was appointed minister to France.

He took with him his body servant, 19-year-old James Hemings (the brother of Sally Hemings), to master the French style of cooking.

Hidden Kitchens turns its focus on the president’s kitchen and some of the first cooks to feed the Founding Fathers — Hercules and James Hemings — the enslaved chefs of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Hercules, described as a “dandy,” had eight assistants — stewards, butlers, undercooks, waiters. He walked through the streets of Philadelphia in a velvet waistcoat and a gold-handled cane.

It’s easy to fill and has one of the best limescale filters we’ve seen.

But it is noisy and the loud beep that tells you it has boiled can’t be turned off.

Hemings apprenticed with well-known French caterers and a pastry chefs and assumed the role of chef de cuisine in Jefferson’s kitchen on the Champs-Elysees, earning a year.

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