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Double Your Dating is the book that I recommend to those guys who are just dying to go out on a date with gorgeous women but can't seem to ask any of them out.

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De Angelo has released a host of training DVDs that aim to help men with dating (Advanced Dating, 77 Laws of Success With Women and Dating, Deep Inner Game, Meeting Women Online, and Body Language.) De Angelo's various ebooks and other dating products (Double Your Dating, Catch Him & Keep Him, and others) currently gross over 20 million annually in sales. We'll quote De Angelo himself: "I'm actually a pretty normal guy, who went through a point where I decided that I needed to get this part of my life called "meeting women" handled. One night I was talking to one of my best friends, and I said "I am going to figure this out for myself, no matter what it takes".

He has 1 million people following him through his newsletter. I won't bore you with the details, but I was going through a time where I had just moved to a new city...

Books of “Double Your Dating” by David De Angelo “Double Your Dating” by David De Angelo is the best Internet Dating Tips for Men from Dave M., the Author of a Best-Selling Internet Dating guide. Question: Hi, I just want to say that I’ve had tremendous success and confidence with women after reading your David De Angelo, Double Your Dating. 4,819 views; 1 year ago; This item has been hidden.

Sample some free advice in our internet dating tips series. Created W: hen it comes to dating women who are younger than you, which of the following do you find yourself saying?

The reason: the ideas contained in that older DVD set are better explained and expanded in two newer products from the same coach.

You can read full reviews for both new products below: "Man Transformation" David De Angelo (Double Your Dating) "Become Mr.

You may already be a hit with the ladies but Double Your Dating will make you even better at it. Double Your Dating stands out in that it doesn't just show you the typical ways to get women to be attracted to you, instead it helps you captivate women by reinforcing your good side.

Some of the things you'll learn in Double Your Dating are the 5 things that you have to do during the first few minutes of meeting a woman to give her the impression that you someone that she's interested in.

"Mastery" was a DVD set on dating skills released in 2004 by David De Angelo of Double Your Dating.

In early July 2009, this product was taken off the market.

A lot of men go for the usual techniques when it comes to picking up women.

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