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Before I had our first child, ten years ago, my partner David got down on one knee in the restaurant of the hotel where we were staying in the Lake District and asked me to marry him. I was so happy, I announced it to all the other guests and we got ridiculously drunk. We developed successful careers, bought a lovely home in London, made good friends and had happy children. There is no one else involved; just a general growing apart. One thing I do know is this: it’s far easier to separate when you are not married than it is if you are. All you have to do is say ‘I want out’, and off you go, which is surely the main reason co-habiting couples are more likely to split up than those who are married.

Instead of pouring our energies into organising a wedding, we put heart and soul into building our lives together. In that regard, we were like an increasing number of middle-class couples who co-habit, have children and see no reason to formalise their shared commitment to a lifelong future with a wedding ceremony. For years, I told myself — and others — that marriage for me was just a word, a formality, and that David and I were as close as any married couple. Maybe, if we had made a proper commitment in front of our friends and loved ones, if we had said those binding, meaningful words, we might not be in this situation.

This trait game, along with Royzman’s review of the literature on attraction, hints at some of the endless quirks of the online dating marketplace.

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