Chart organizational procedure updating

The chart is added to the Word document and a new purple “Smart Art Tools” tab and ribbon open at the top of the work area. Click into the first/top box on the chart, which may show “[Text]” as the default.Type the name and, if desired, title of the highest-ranking person in your organization, such as the CEO, CIO, president or owner. Move to the next box, which branches below the first. Most Word templates have three boxes on this branch.

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Coordinating points are responsible for communicating changes to the Manager of Administrative Policies.

While attending the NCMS Carolinas Chapter meeting at Cisco Systems recently, I saw a presentation by Mark Whitteker, MSIA, CISSP, ISP.

This should include all employees, contractors, visitors, and any other personnel on site.

Add in new technology adoption by way of EHRs or mobile health (m Health), and you’ve got a sea of seemingly countless—and constantly changing—policies and procedures that overburdened employees must navigate daily.

What Mark shared with the group is a pragmatic approach to creating and updating policies and procedures that could be used by any organization.

When implemented, this process creates a customizable framework that will allow organizations the stability to prosper.

The electronic copy and written approval are retained permanently. It is the responsibility of the issuing office to make the university community aware of new or changed policy. Policy Review/Change The university official(s) charged with the responsibility for implementing and/or updating university policies in his/her area is the policy owner(s).

At least every five years, it is the responsibility of the policy owner(s) to review and update policies when necessary.

“Think about it: Policies and procedures used to be written in a book and used for reference,” she says.

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