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He's determined to overcome his disability but he's ridiculously unlucky at love.

That may explain why Danny is considering undergoing experimental surgery, which, if successful, might give him some limited vision.

But all of this is marred by the film's surprisingly heavy emphasis on the sleaze factor.

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Blind Dating cast list, listed alphabetically with photos when available.

This list of Blind Dating actors includes any Blind Dating actresses and all other actors from the film.

Die Mädchen, die Larry aussucht, sind jedoch zu oberflächlich, um an Danny interessiert zu sein.

Als er schließlich bei seinem Augenarzt die ostindische Krankenschwester Leeza trifft, verlieben sich die beiden sofort ineinander.

And that's how he meets Leeza (Anjali Jay), a lovely Indian-American receptionist.

The two hit it off and appear headed for romance, but unfortunately there's one thing standing in their way — Leeza's tradition-minded parents, who have arranged for her to marry another Indian-American, Arvind (Sendhil Ramamurthy, from TV's "Heroes").

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