Bethenny frankel dating real housewives

"I am kind of in purgatory right now," the reality star reveals.

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Though Frankel and second husband Jason Hoppy are in the middle of a messy divorce, she remains optimistic about finding love again.

“I don’t think that I actually suck when I’m in a relationship, but I think that I haven’t gone with my gut enough.

Not a good time for this to come out as Bethenny tore apart Luann for allegedly sleeing with married men so if this is true Bethenny would look like a hypocrite!

Not to mention dating the ex-husband of one of your friends is typical a big no-no (maybe she should lisen to Luann’s song If this is true, it’s further proof that Bethenny gets special treatment with Bravo and privileges when filming RHONY.

Dennis is the executive chairman of the board of NY’s Esquire Bank so he can definitely hold his own in the relationship.

The two lovebirds wouldn’t normally be a huge deal; however it’s rumored that Bethenny got with him before he was divorced and that she was even friends with his ex-wife!Both Slade and Brooks of RHOC have said that they wanted nothing to do with the show; however were told their girlfriends would get no air time if they weren’t on as they wouldn’t be showing their “true life.” If Bethenny’s boyfriend was granted permission NOT to film, it would support the rumors that Bethenny plays by a different set of rules than the other housewives joked about the pesky rumors via Twitter on Tuesday, July 14. " PHOTOS: Stars who've tried online dating The twosome aren't serious (yet! "They have so much fun together," the source tells Us of the pair, who first met in April.The reality star has transformed from a self-help author to a talk show host and a wildly successful entrepreneur with her own line of “Skinny Girl” products."I didn't have a grand plan,” Frankel revealed about her television career."Wow #somanyboyfriendssolittletime," the 44-year-old wrote. "How did I manage to be at a @Dodgers game & be in the Hamptons at the same time?!!! Stonestreet, 43, has traveled to NYC and the Hamptons to visit the reality star, and "they're seeing where it goes." (The source adds that Frankel is specifically denying about attending the baseball game.) "This is so dumb.

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