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You’d probably expect around 99 percent of the audience to be teenage girls, but there was a fairly wide range of ages and groups consisting of parents and their children. ■ They get along, like each other, and have a good relationship!

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At first glance, nobody appears to be outside, but he hears a soft snuffling sound and looks down in shock to see a baby panda sitting on the doorstep. Nino can't help the adoring grin that creeps onto his face. " He murmurs, petting the defenseless creature behind one of its round black ears and trailing his hand down its neck as it leans into his touch. ” The panda doesn’t answer him, but Nino figures the answer to the second question is a definite ‘no’.

To his surprise, he finds there is a thin rope tied loosely around its neck. ” The baby swats at the rope playfully, regaining Nino’s attention. Nino notices a couple of middle-aged women walking down the street.

The panda has gotten the end of his sock in its mouth and is attempting to pull it off of him without much luck, and Nino is suddenly overwhelmed with alarm. He suddenly doesn’t want anybody to see Pan-chan -as he has already decided to call her in his mind. ” As long as nobody knows, he adds silently, and a grin works its way onto his features. ” Pan-chan leans forward and licks the tip of his nose.

If they see her, they might take her away, and Nino can’t help but feel protective and possessive in the face of such a playful bundle of cuteness. ” He picks her up under the arms and cradles her snugly to his chest. Carefully he waddles back inside and closes the door, sitting and leaning back against it in relief. *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* Nino’s game stays paused for a very long time, and when he realizes he forgot about it he just saves his progress and turns it off. Aiba is the kind of guy who sees things like a child does.

He lifts it off curiously and finds there is a worn tag attached to it. He recognizes them from his neighborhood, but becomes alarmed when he sees they are staring curiously at his open doorway.

"A gift for you.” He reads out loud and then frowns deeper. Probably because he is crouched, and probably not very visible from the street.

*~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* *~.~* One day his doorbell rings. The little animal is all round curves and soft, tufty fur. No way could it have rung the doorbell on its own... Nino crouches down hesitantly, and the little panda peeks up at him with wide, shiny eyes.

Nino pauses his game and crosses the house to answer it. Nino reaches a hand out warily and the baby paws at him harmlessly, letting out another small sound.

On the other hand Riida was chosen by Sakurai and Matsujun as someone they wouldn't like to date! Sakurai was dumped before he had the chance to confess! It's good that your parents know,and that they help you :) It seems ^_^ First I watched Hana Yori Dango and I liked the character; well a bit rough but It's tsukasa, ne^_^ and he's good person; after I knew about Arashi and now I really love them!! (more or less) but I became an active fan four years ago.

sip I know There's a fansub who is doing It's great ne : D and wow sugoi You learnt Japanese It's great I'd like to learn it too... ♥I'm a Jun-bait, but after some time following the group soon I've become an Ohmiya fan! *And among the other possible pairings I think Sakuraiba make a cute couple! =)sip It's great, ne :)I think learning Japanese is a little hard. I was stuck without internet connection for two days! XD; in my country we celebrate both; I hope you'd a special day!!

*)But Sho confessed that dating him probably would be tiresome because he's very methodical.

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