updating multiple records via workflow - Andy daniels dating in the dark

Days of flirting may come to nothing if the big reveal disappoints.

Each contestant must finally choose to meet their prospective partner in the flesh or walk away, potentially leaving them heartbroken.

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Instead they can relax and concentrate on showing off their personality.

Anna Strong, 27, from south-west London, who has been single for a year, is at the event at the Ascots Restaurant in Oxford Street to "see what it is all about".

"You can try to imagine it but you just don't know." 'People more relaxed' Also waiting in the bar is Rob Smith, 31, from Shoreditch, east London, who has been "dragged" along by a friend and is a little nervous.

"Being able to talk to people without seeing who they really are will be interesting.

In the second episode of the series, what will happen when models Talia and Andy date in the dark. What will Sci-Fi ‘geek’ Sami make of Britney Spears impersonator Lorna? And despite being robbed of their sight, will alternatively-dressed Brandon and Alayne get it together in the darkness?

At the end of each show each participant picks who they feel they’ve connected with and that person is revealed in a spotlight for only a matter of seconds.

When groundbreaking series Dating in the Dark premiered on LIVING last summer it wasn’t just viewers who couldn’t stop talking about the audacious televised experiment in the nature of attraction.

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