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The point where the Mekong River meets the Ruak River is known locally as Sop Ruak, but to the rest of the world it's the Golden Triangle: the point at which Burma/Myanmar, Laos and Thailand meet.Stand on the Thailand river bank, and you can look across to Burma/Myanmar and Laos, or hire a boat for a closer look.This ministry is all inclusive of the work we do for Christ and the daily walk we should have with Him.

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This ministry meets every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, and year which you personally dedicate to allowing the word of GOD and The Holy Spirit to dominate, rest, rule and abide in your life at church, home, work, and in public.

In other words, no one can minister, worship, and praise for you, this you must do for yourself.

This beautiful gold-tipped series of buildings is over 200 years old, and perhaps Bangkok's most famous destination.

Yes, it can feel like a tourist trap, but the complex's history and grandeur is palpable: since 1782, it has been the official residence of the Kings of Siam (and later Thailand).

Attractive, conspicuous, and ecologically important, butterflies have garnered increasing attention from scientists and the general public as sentinels of habitat change.

By documenting the distribution and status of the state’s butterfly fauna, MDIFW hopes to improve its understanding of the group and prioritize conservation efforts towards those species most vulnerable to decline and potential state extinction.

Category: 5 najboljših, Filipini, Indija, Indonezija, Izbranih 5, Nepal, Šri Lanka, Tajska Tags: andaman islands, banda islands, bandaneira, bandipur, chiang mai, ella, neil island, pai, palawan, port barton Category: 5 najboljših, Filipini, Indija, Indonezija, Main, Myanmar, Nepal, Potovanja, Šri Lanka, Tajska, Vietnam Tags: eknjiga o potovanjih, ideje za potovanje, kam na potovanje, potovanje na tajsko, potovanje v Azijo, potovanje v indijo, potovanje v indonezijo, potovanje v myanmar, potovanje v nepal Čeprav je potovati neizmerno in oh-in-sploh nagrajujoče in je vsak nov dan tvoj najlepši do sedaj, obstajajo seveda tudi trenutki, ko bi najraje vse nekam poslal, se ulegel v svojo čisto posteljo in...

Category: 5 najboljših, Hrana, Indonezija, Kultura, Ljudje, Main, Myanmar, Nepal, Tajska Tags: annapurna, baloon festival, budistični samosta, budizem, flores, gili otoki, inle lake, kanawa, mentawai, nepal, potovanje po Aziji, potovanje v Azijo, siberut, Wat Tam Wua Category: 5 najboljših, Dokumentarci, Hrana, Indija, Indonezija, Kategorije, Main, Myanmar, Nepal, Potovanja, Tajska, Vietnam, Vsakdan Tags: andamanski otoki, azijska hrana, kopi luwak, lassi, momoti, pivo, potovanje po Aziji, rdeče mravlje, red snapper, shan noodles, som tam V (Jugovzhodni) Aziji sem preživel natanko tri šestdesetine svojega življenja. Nekaj mesecev v Indiji, nekaj mesecev v Indoneziji, malce na Šrilanki, Nepalu, na Tajskem,...

Through directed surveys and research, MDIFW has learned a great deal about Maine’s butterfly fauna in recent years, adding over a dozen previously undocumented species to the State list, which now stands at 121 species.

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