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I'm more comfortable with my body because I view it as a powerful machine, and I carry myself with confidence.I enjoy sex more because I'm not hung up on what I look like naked, so I don't hold back in bed.

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You talk to people more that you would imagine, you confide in them more that you would expect.

20: In my 20s, I often slept with guys to get them to like me even if I wasn't in the mood. I'm not as skinny as I was in my 20s, but I don't care.

According to some of my friends, my number is high, but those are the ones who don't want to enter into double digits. I work in advertising, and I have a thing for the crew: production assistants, directors, cameramen, and gofers. And guys who work with their hands are usually strong.

Sometimes I worry they're right, but I have a friend who slept with 30 guys in college. The last guy I slept with was a stuntman on Miley Cyrus' television show, .

In the documentary, Mr Wardle explains how he kept the secret from his partners, saying he became an expert lover in other departments to cover up his lack of genitals.

“I knew my way around a woman’s body, I knew my way around their mind,” Wardle says in the show.

He kept his secret from her by pretending he had a microchip in his kidney to fight off infections.

She only found out the truth when he was interviewed by a TV talk show.

In the documentary, the couple talk frankly of how they considered splitting up over the problem.

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